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Howdy! Nooby here....Hi All.....

I hope this is the proper place to respond to an older thread.

I have 2 NOS Replacement stocks w/ the "B" marked on the butt at abt 5 o'clock.
Both are Walnut, Dimpled Ferrule, Radiused Bbl Channel sides, but Squared on the left side at the rcvr.
Radiused Porch, and single step inletting at rear of Trg Guard.

Neither have DAS or firing proof...
Both have been inletted for Bedding...

These came w/ a batch of parts that seem like they came from a facility building Match Rifles..
http://www.fortmoe.com/forum/download/file.php?id=27685 I hope the pic comes thru.
The table in Post # 16 above has been updated. Do the two NOS "B" stamped replacement stocks each a stock liner?