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wow. Nice job! I went to my first appleseed a month or so ago. I shot one my lrb T44E4 with iron sights on Saturday, and my custom 10/22 scoped on Sunday. I did about the same with them both, 195-208 range. So close that I could taste it. I took my brother, his first too, and he did qualify, 221 I think. It is not easy to shoot 210 for sure. You should frame that target and patch!
I had trouble with using the sling. Adjusting it from one position to the next was tough and took to long. I need to practice before the next one I go to.
Hytek, I recommend using a 1907 sling. I find that adjusting it for each position is a snap, much faster than using a web sling. Once you figure out which holes to set it for each position, then you're set for now on! Mark the holes or just remember. My slings were marked by the makers. I have some Les Tam slings and one from Ron Brown. Turner makes some good ones in leather and biothane.