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  25. Top 100 shooters in the Nation
  26. I'm taking the plunge going to start competing this year.
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  37. NRA Across The Course Classification Upgrade
  38. First match today and I am hooked!
  39. Will there be a Summer 2011 Issue this June
  40. Spring / Summer Issue 2011 of the Recoil is up
  41. M14 Rifle Assoc. Competitor Classification
  42. Notes from 80NMC and first leg match this weekend.
  43. New Developement for Assoc. Team
  44. Wanted!
  45. Tips for First Timer at Perry
  46. NEW thread for 2011 Camp Perry NTIT aka "The Rattle Battle."
  47. Camp Perry visit.
  48. NRA Springfield M1A Match
  49. Camp Perry 2011 Report
  50. First time Camp Perry
  51. Dry Fire exercises
  52. As they say.... now is the time to start planning for next year
  53. The next issue.....
  54. Congratulations goes out to SAAHound
  55. Sept 2011 issue of "The Recoil"
  56. Arkansas 3 day match - 4570govt are you going?
  57. September 100 yard scaled match
  58. Went to my fourth match today!
  59. A Day With My Baby
  60. 2011 Creedmoor Cup and LEG Match
  61. Last scheduled match of the season today. Winter league??? Here I come
  62. Unfortunately it was necessary to remove the M14RA shopping cart
  63. Get out of bed!
  64. 2011 Pearl Harbor Match Houston, TX
  65. The Christmas Issue of the Recoil is now up
  66. Any interest in attending Camp Perry this year?
  67. The NRA, GSM, Appleseed, USA Shooting and the M14RA
  68. New membership rates effective 9 Jan 2012
  69. NRA rule changes for 2012
  70. NRA rule changes for 2012
  71. Just a Reminder
  72. CMP Ammunition---Camp Perry 2012
  73. Congratulations goes out to M1art
  74. First match of 2012 under the belt!
  75. Need first time shooting at Camp Perry help.
  76. the www.m14ra.org domain name
  77. Woohoo!!
  78. M14RA Qualification Cards
  79. State Laison Officers Wanted
  80. Membership renewals renewal reminder
  81. I think she still likes me.
  82. The Spring 2012 Issue is finally up!
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  84. M-110 is allowed now in Service Rifle Competitions.
  85. Looking for Article submissions for the Summer Issue (21 June) of the Recoil Journal
  86. Summer Issue of the Recoil delayed
  87. Alas the Summer issue of The Recoil is up
  88. CMP Eastern Games
  89. Delayed....Fall Recoil Issue
  90. Wanted
  91. mount advice sought-
  92. X-mas Issue of the "Recoil"
  93. No Christmas Issue of the Recoil?
  94. A question was asked on a different forum....
  95. On Gun Controll....
  96. Need of some membership number assistance.
  97. Creedmoor Sports Offering Discount to Members of CMP Affiliated Clubs
  98. The M14RA Site has been revamped.
  99. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the M14RA!
  100. New Rifle Marksmanship Course for 2014
  101. 2014 Military Match Clinic and Matches in New Jersey
  102. 2014 CMP Military Matches, Pembroke, MA
  103. 2014 CMP Military Matches, York, PA
  104. Sportsmenís Club of Clifton Park, in NY As-Issued Military Match
  105. NY: As-Issued Military Matches on May 3 - Dept. NY R & P Team
  106. CMP Affiliated Clubs ...Rim Fire Sporter Match in Upton, NY March 1st
  107. CMP Affiliated Clubs... Rimfire Sporter Match in Kirkwood, NY
  108. CMP Affilliation
  109. M14RA.org domain extinction.....