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Thread: US Army Armorer Course - Answers to M14 Quiz

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    US Army Armorer Course - Answers to M14 Quiz

    From the July 1968 U. S. Army Armorer Course Small Arms Repair student workbook, here are the answer to the Chapter 7 RIFLE, 7.62mm, M14 quiz:

    1. A defective magazine catch, damaged magazine follower or weak magazine spring may result in a failure to feed. If a damaged magazine follower or weak spring is present, the entire magazine must be replaced. Repair of the magazine catch is a Direct Support Maintenance Responsibility.

    2. The operating rod spring is the source of power for accomplishing the chambering step in the cycle of operation. Replacement of this component is the responsibility of the Armorer.

    3. The purpose of the roller on the bolt is to reduce friction during the locking and unlocking steps.

    4. On the M14 rifle, headspace is preset by a higher category of maintenance personnel. A rifle with a damaged bolt must be evacuated to your Direct Support Maintenance Activity.

    5. A weak hammer spring may result in a failure to fire. Replacement of this spring is the responsibility of the Unit Armorer.

    6. All components are secured or held together by the extractor spring and plunger.

    7. No. The gas piston should be removed and cleaned only when it does not move freely within the gas cylinder.

    8. A restricted gas piston or loose gas cylinder plug may result in a short recoil condition or failure to unlock.

    9. Unlocking. As the bolt rotates during unlocking, the extractor is gripping the expended cartridge rim causing it to rotate within the chamber. This action is termed slow initial extraction.

    10. A weak ejector spring or a stuck (frozen) ejector in the compressed position may result in a failure to eject. As Unit Armorers, to correct this failure, you would free the ejector, or replace the ejector, spring and plunger, if defective.

    11. This condition may result from a dirty chamber or defective ammunition. Correct this deficiency by removing the ruptured cartridge case and cleaning the chamber.

    12. Probable causes for a failure to cock are, (a) defective trigger sear assembly and (b) a defective hammer. Replacement of these items are the responsibility of the Unit Armorer.

    13. During automatic fire the connector assembly forms a linkage between the sear release and the operating rod.

    14. As the connector assembly is forced forward it rotates the sear release on the selector shaft causing the flange on the sear release to push the sear to the rear, disengaging it from the rear hammer hooks.

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    Re: US Army Armorer Course - Answers to M14 Quiz

    Wow, I wish I could find my books on this course...

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    Re: US Army Armorer Course - Answers to M14 Quiz

    Do you have the book with the questions?
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