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What I have heard, there are five who have scored 250 in the time Appleseed has existed. One of them scored it twice, an ol' Marine Vietnam Veteran from New York! I've scored it one other time in practice. Lots of 248's and 249's too! That 250 is more elusive than what a mere few points might seem!

I think that you should practice on shooting AQT's without timing yourself, take as long as you want for good hits, when you got that down pat, start working on speed and magazine changes. Concentrate on the 400 stage, worth twice the points with five whole minutes! Also, work on your NPOA.

More good practice will get you over the hump, I know you can do it!

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By the way, I know you can shoot 240 and above with enough practice, it worked for me, I certainly don't have any natural skill!

Thank you for the advice and help. I will take it!