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    1903A3 stock reinforcement bolts question

    I'm getting ready to re-stock my Remmy 03A3 from it's straight stock to a C stock from Sarco. The problem is that the new wood will not come with any hardware, to include the two stock reinforcing bolts. They look straight-forward in their install but I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks, or anything to beware of for when I go to install them? I'm assuming they get tapped into place and the nuts get tightened down and that's it. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks
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    Re: 1903A3 stock reinforcement bolts question

    J Petrutis,
    Did you ever get a reply on this? I've got the exact issue.

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    Re: 1903A3 stock reinforcement bolts question

    Quite a while back I had a stock that needed the bolts installed also. I originally took them from a broken stock but the nuts are staked so they don't loosen. At least mine were. Best to get new replacement cross bolts and nuts if possible.

    As far as fit goes they should be semi snug but not too tough to push thru the hole in the wood. If too tough it may splinter on the backside, where the nut gets installed.

    IIRC I used a 5/16ths screwdriver and ground out some of the middle of the blade to a depth so as to engage the screw head to tighten. I believe the nuts are serrated and will get drawn into the wood without spinning while being tightened. Again, it's been awhile, memory isn't what it used to be.

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    Re: 1903A3 stock reinforcement bolts question

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