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Thread: The M1 opt rod..

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    The M1 opt rod..

    A couple of things to know about your M1 opt rod..

    The Tilt test was one of several tests to assist with function, it has little to do with rifle accuracy...

    Opt rod drag does not affect accuracy, it can be an aid if not over done to the point of damaging the rod..

    An under size piston or a worn power thrust area will cause a loss of accuracy, that is the place to start if you are not pleased with your M1.

    The Comet

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    Re: The M1 opt rod..

    Please explain how to do the Op Rod Tilt test on a Garand

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    Re: The M1 opt rod..


    1) disassemble enough to remove the oprod spring
    2) wipe off any grease you can see or feel so that the oprod and bolt can glide with near-zero effort
    3) reassemble without spring
    4) tilt the rifle nose-up/nose-down, letting the weight of the bolt and oprod push each other around, going in-battery and out-of-battery with ease.

    Here's tonyben doing it on the M14 platform, with the stock at about six minutes in.

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