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Thread: Thompson SMG

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    Thompson SMG

    While at the range today, there was a man on the short rifle range with a Thompson SMG, the real deal full automatic! He was firing that SMG, like he knew what he was doing, good short bursts and keeping 'em on target! Vietnam War Navy man! Friend of mine took the picture and spoke to him about it.

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    Re: Thompson SMG

    I'd love to have one of them...
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    Re: Thompson SMG

    Meee toooo! Always wanted one even if semi. Unfortunately, that dream is squashed by the idiopowers that be here in NYistan.
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    Re: Thompson SMG

    I got to shoot one in a forensics lab. It was a 1928 Navy model similar to the one in the picture. Came with a beautiful hard case[not a violin case]. Heavy, solid and easy to control.
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    Re: Thompson SMG

    The Maryland State Police had 2 Thompsons in the arms locker at the Easton Barrack in 1971. I got to shoot it on the range behind the Barrack. I had the opportunity to shoot a grease gun in Vietnam in 1966 on the fam fire range. Both were back in the day when you shot a pistol with your strong side toward the target and your strong arm strait toward the target and weak hand in your pocket. When empty the shooter would put the spent shells in his right pocket.
    The only Woodstock I saw in 1969 was on my M14

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