Backcountry & Backcountry Ti

Weatherby is excited to announce two new Mark V rifles the Backcountry and Backcountry Ti in combination with an all new Weatherby magnum cartridge, the 6.5 Weatherby RPM cartridge.

“We set out to produce the best backcountry rifle and cartridge combination ever, it was a project we did not take lightly. At our core, we pride ourselves in ballistic superiority. So, the goal was not to simply achieve the production of a 5 pound rifle. Instead, our team was able to break the 5 pound mark while delivering magnum performance in a firearm that doesn’t demand custom rifle pricing. Additionally, the combination of the stock design, brand new muzzle brake and proprietary patent-pending 3D HEX recoil reducer make it enjoyable to shoot. After years of innovation and development, the Mark V® Backcountry Ti and 6.5 WBY RPM combination achieve the weight savings, ballistic performance and price that cannot be found in a production rifle anywhere else.” says Adam Weatherby.



Weatherby has been known for ballistic superiority, touting many of the fastest cartridges available by caliber, as well as the strongest rifle action available with the Mark V Magnum 9 lug action. The new 6.5 Weatherby RPM (Rebated Precision Magnum) has been purpose built for the smaller Mark V 6 lug action. This 15th cartridge introduction is unique compared to Weatherby’s 14 preceding cartridges because it is a non-belted, non-venturi shoulder case with a rebated rim. Out of the gate Weatherby will be shipping 3 offerings in 6.5 WBY RPM.

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