The Bula Operator's Manual is available in the Bula Sponsor's tab. It of course brings up the Bula Forum which is a work in progress.

The Manual is a work in progress. We're having a bunch printed out but by the time we run out of them we'll update it based on suggestions from folks here at the forum.

I invite recommendations and corrections of course.

I will be populating the site with good documents from around the Internet. I'll do so with the permission of authors. The site does not receive comments from readers because it's not a Forum. We'll post good stuff from around the Internet but will support rather than compete with this and other good forums. (OK, we'll suck the experienced blood out of you to educate folks who aren't members of this forum but will encourage them to participate here.)

I'm sorry that claims on my time don't allow me to spend more time here but have met some great folks.

I'm working to get projects going for this site.

Mark Andrews
Marketing and Sales, Bula