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Thread: Luv That Sound

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    Re: Luv That Sound

    Quote Originally Posted by 9th View Post

    Ping a ding! I bet you can't hear the ping from 100 meters away. But that bullet snapping past your ear...You will hear that. Maybe...
    Sadly . . . lots of the fighting in the pacific was from 10 and 15 meters . . . and you can definitely hear it there.

    I've often thanked the good Lord . . . I did not have to be there then . . . could not have been fun.

    May God bless,


    If you can breathe, . . . thank God
    If you can read, . . . thank a teacher
    If you are reading this in English, . . . thank a veteran

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    Re: Luv That Sound

    Quote Originally Posted by 1skrewsloose View Post
    Read somewhere that the enemy knew when they heard that sound you were out and would advance. Soon someone came up with a device to mimic the sound to fake them out. Cool idea, yankee enginuity.
    Rest of the story is was to take an empty clip, squeeze it between the fingers the let it go thus creating the "ping" of an empty rifle.

    It does create the "ping".
    “After all is said and done, successful rifle shooting on the range is nothing more than first finding a rifle and lot of ammunition which will do precisely the same thing shot after shot, and then developing the same skill in the rifleman.” ~ Capt. E. C. Crossman (The Book of the Springfield)

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    Re: Luv That Sound

    There were a lot worse places than Phu Bai and they weren't all in Viet Nam.

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