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    The last one there: The Story of the USS Kirk 1087

    How all this got started one of our guys applied for the Vietnam Service medal. They said we weren't there, But when they figured it out we went to D.C. and the Surgeon General of the Navy pinned the medal on us. He is also over tge History Dept of the Navy and told his guy to make a documentary about what these boys did,

    We had just pulled our Marines out of Cambodia (Operation Eagle Pull) where were not suppose to be. Then we sailed up to just off shore of Saigon, (Operation Frequent Wind) We were 5000 meters from the Embassy. We were running a picket line, we were the "expendables" At night we could see the fires and fell the explosions. A lot of the Hilo came out all shot up, fuel/oil coming out of large bullet holes. Most the bigger ships were out over the horizon line.
    The Ambassador would not come out to the very end, There were two Marines running security guard duty in a Cobra gun ship. The co-pilot keep tell the pilot that we are going to run out of fuel, Pilot say's we aren't leaving, Half way out they lost an engine then switched to the other one. They started putting out a may-day. It was good we were still up in there close. We turned on some white lights (which you never do in a combat zone). They ditched their bird in the sea 100 yard from us, We had both guys out of the drink and on board in short order. The main pilot was at the debut of the documentary.
    We headed down to Ton Sunut (sp) Island. I thought we were going back with the rest of the fleet, but no we went by our self, which a US war ship never does
    We all had cameras, good ones from the PX, I had tons of pictures. I never showed them or even talk about it until the 1st reunion we attended in 2006
    Watch it past the end of the credits, I'm the last guy to speak. Erik Von Marbob was the Deputy Secretary of Defense, who was in country at the time, wrote me a nice littlr lrtter on his letter-head stationary about what I said And I still do the sane thing to this day,


    It took 35 years to get recognized, I now have a DD215 (amended 214) and four new medals They never sent the medals so I ordered the little bars.

    I forgot to add, we sold the Kirk to Taiwan. The Taiwan Captain and the XO were also at the debut if the documentary. The ship is still sailing today called the Fen Yang.I hope China doesn't sink her.
    There some other crazy stories I may add later.

    Kent MM3 Petty Officer 3rd Class
    USS Kirk DE/FF 1087 1973-1977
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    Re: The last one there: The Story of the USS Kirk 1087

    My first ship . . . DD 718 . . . USS Hamner . . . was also sold to Taiwan.

    She was renamed and used for quite a while.

    She was then retired . . . and used as a target vessel for submarine torpedo practice.

    She went down . . . broken in half.

    But she was a proud old greyhound while I was on her.

    May God bless,

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    Member M14 Rifle Association Board of Directors

    If you can breathe, . . . thank God
    If you can read, . . . thank a teacher
    If you are reading this in English, . . . thank a veteran

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