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Thread: Veterans Stories......

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    Re: Veterans Stories......

    Yeah, trainmen really do not like train/vehicle collisions at grade crossings.

    And legally, the train has the right of way when the crossing warning signals are sounding.
    There were a lot worse places than Phu Bai and they weren't all in Viet Nam.

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    Re: Veterans Stories......

    There is a lot of security troops in a missile complex. We called them missile cops, but their official title was Security Police. Being a cop in the USAF was the closest job the USAF has of being in the military. The cops were always getting in trouble for doing stupid stuff.

    Each launch control center had two, three man security teams. One day shift and the other the night shift. It was a 12 hour shift and a 7 day tour, Each team consisted of a two person response team and a NCO controller, The response team would conduct security checks and respond to security alarms at the missile sites. Additional layers of security were mobile fire team in a crappy Chrysler armored truck consisting of a team leader, A M60 gunner, assistant gunner, and a grenadier, then flight Sgts and officers roamed around also.

    So one day a security team was doing a LF check, They would be in contact with their controller by radio and report in using checklist steps. A flight sgt is in his vehicle listening to this and happens to drive by a bar only to see a blue AF pickup in the parking lot. It was the security team doing their check from a bar. Could have heard a pin drop.

    Another time the mobile fire team was doing a change over somewhere on I 80. As they were headed back to Cheyenne, they realized they didn't have their M60. The gunner had placed it on the roof of the suburban and forgot to put it in the truck. Panic sets in. All available cops are transported to NE and they walk along I 80 looking for the missing weapon. They didn't find it. The following year the highway mowers found it when they hit it. Another oh crap moment,
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