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Thread: Return from Colorado

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    Re: Return from Colorado

    I always enjoy the pics, but I stopped hunting back in 2017. 16 was my last hunt. I developed an allergy to red meat (all mammalian) from a tick bite. Read up on Lone Star tick and Alpha-Gal.

    9 * is freaking COLD though....
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    Re: Return from Colorado

    My quarters off of him are hanging in the garage and looks like they can hang around for another week or so here. Temp got up to 37 deg here yesterday so it's going to be some aged meat. Think I'm going to take the good cuts for steaks and have the front shoulders, neck meat and trim made into pepperoni sticks this time. Or
    split into salami if they have enough.
    Now if I could get over this nasty bug that was given for free I'd be happy.
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