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Thread: Going Downtown Day Three of Linebacker 2

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    Going Downtown Day Three of Linebacker 2

    Going downtown was GI for headed to Hanoi. Today is the third day of Linebacker 2 in 1972. The North Vietnamese found out Nixon wasn't Johnson when he released the shackles that held Navy Air and the USAF from striking targets. The raids in the beginning would be costly for the bombers of SAC as SAC being SAC wouldn't listen to the tactical airforce who had experience operating in this high threat area. Tactics were not changed until bomber crews almost mutinied. I spent 11 years in SAC aircraft and missile operations and had the great pleasure to be mentored by Majors thru Generals who flew these missions as Captains and Majors and senior NCO's who did the grunt work of keeping jets flying and loading bombs. One of my Boss's barrel rolled a B-52 to evade a SAM. He did and brought his plane and crew home. The jet never flew again.

    Attached is one of those missions.

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    Re: Going Downtown Day Three of Linebacker 2

    I knew a guy that was there at that time that worked as a 'ground man?' used to load and service those birds and talked of LAOS and Saigon quite a bit... Was AF but not a 'jeeper!'...
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