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Thread: Spatchcock Turkey

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    Spatchcock Turkey

    Don't reach for the soap (for my potty mouth), that's the real name.

    You cut the spine out (this is the "spatchcock" part), brine it for about 24hrs, rinse the brine off, season it with some lightweight Cajun seasoning (I use Fiesta "Cajun All" when I grill bird) and toss on the grill.

    Been doing this since 2013, judging by the earliest pic I snapped.

    Here's the 2020 Thanksgiving bird:

    The 2021 Thanksgiving bird:

    The 2022 Christmas bird:

    And lastly, the one I cooked yesterday:

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    Re: Spatchcock Turkey

    When we were first married, my wife asked me, "Have you ever spatchcocked a chicken ?" I said, "Yeah, once, but I was young and drunk and it was a double dog dare.". We were "new" and she wasn't attuned to my sarcastic sense of humor just yet. I could tell by the concerned look on her face that I should continue. "Whadehell is spatchcock ?", she explained it to me and I gave it a whirl. I finally learned what poultry shears are for.
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