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Thread: Lefty M14

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    Re: Lefty M14

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkF45 View Post
    I have a right-handed M1A that I've been shooting for 30 years. No, it is not a problem shooting it lefty, as long as it's iron sights. Putting a scope on it becomes a problem. I would get a built-in scope mount version.

    I have 6 lefty bolt guns and 4 lefty ar-15's. I think a lefty M14 would be a nice addition to my arsenal. I'm also looking at a lefty 10/22.

    I realize getting parts for this in the future could be a huge problem. But what the h? You only live once.
    I do not understand what kind of problem you would have putting a scope on ?? I shoot left hand M14 with a scope on it .

    OK, now I see what the problem is !!
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    Re: Lefty M14

    Perhaps a left hand XM21 would be the solution. Rail for scope rings is machined into the receiver hence no need for separate side mount. I see they are available in calibers up to and including .450 Bushmaster on their website. Have had the .450 in my herd for a few years now. Recoil let's you know you pulled the trigger but getting a 250 gn FTX moving has it's toll. I don't think there are any huntable creatures in North American that would not easily be taken with one. Whatta Hobby!

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    Re: Lefty M14

    Quote Originally Posted by 9th View Post
    lefty op rods? Mmmmmmm... I shoot my M14 like jimi played his stratocaster...
    Jimi circa 1961
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    Re: Lefty M14

    I finally got around to calling Bula Defense. They're awaiting parts for the lefty M21DMR (22" barrel), which is the model I want. They plan to resume production on it next year. Ok, I can wait.

    PS: I also have lefty guitars and bows.


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