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Thread: The Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms show

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    The Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms show

    Reviewed by XXIV Corps:

    "Early Sunday morning 26th LGS and I made it out to the Gun Show (8:50 am), a nice cool day at 40?F. I came across a few tables without someone to answer question again! The Gun Show was packed with both sellers and buyers, while we were there until after noon time.

    There was no shortage of any kind of ammunition or the tools to reload at this Gun Show. One of the more interesting items we came across was a M2 (50 cal.) Kit for sale in a box, just asking 10K$ A lot of good people throughout the entire Gun Show to talk with as we traveled the Show. I missed Cow Town Scout. Missed this round! Then one guy had a beautiful his M72 LAW Rocket launcher again, it had clean sights and front and back pins, asking only 495$ still their 3rd time.

    We saw a nice MG34 they were asking 2,700$. A dealer selling M79 parts again? 26th LGS counted 6 Johnson rifles throughout the show! Starting at 3K$ and going up from there. I didn't know what country I was in, we kept seeing RPGs at different tables with their launchers with a bag of RPG's. Starting at 2,600$ for the sets. We were surprised at the number of dealers selling all kinds of small animal pelts throughout the show. 26th LGS found a whole lot of different Swedish rifles to look at. The last one was a clean 41B. We were both very tired after walking for over four hours is the show, then I had parked a long distant from the entrance!!!

    Ammunition, 7.62x51mm.

    Pakistan, '80, asking 25$ a Bx.
    Pakistan, '85, asking 20$ a Bx.
    Radway Green, '84, asking 20$ a Bx.
    Spain, '78, asking just 20$ a Bx.

    I came across only two dealers selling M14/M1A parts (Row 10 downstairs north section), he had all the parts anyone would need. The other dealer was on the west end upstairs. Oh, by the way he's the dealer who was selling M79 small parts! First time for me finding a dealer selling M79 parts at a Gun Show again.

    ? GI Fiberglass stock, hand painted green and black asking 50$.
    ? GI wood stocks, very nice with metal selling for 275$. 3x
    ? GI still in the bag/box magazines. From Apr '67 125$
    ? GI E2 stock with all metal, w/o sling asking 525$.

    M14/M1A Rifles.

    Springfield NM asking 1,650$.
    Springfield loaded with black plastic stock asking 1,850$.
    Poly Tech nice looking, asking 1,850$.
    Springfield Tanker/Scout asking 1,850$.
    Springfield asking 1,900$.
    Springfield asking 2,200$.
    Springfield SOCOM asking 2,200$.
    Springfield NM asking 2,250$.
    Springfield SM with black stock asking 3,100$.
    Springfield NM asking 3,200$.
    Armscope NM with SS barrel asking 3,295$.
    Springfield w/folding stock and grip asking 3,500$.
    Springfield in McMillan stock w SS barrel loaded asking 4,500$.
    BM69 loaded asking 5,000$.
    Springfield in E2 stock, load w/all hardware and sling asking? the guy walked away and didn't come back!!!!

    The next big Wanenmacher Gun Show is scheduled for April 6th & 7th, 2024 in Tulsa Oklahoma State Fair grounds."
    U.S.M.C. Scout Sniper 67-68

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    Re: The Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms show

    If it was maybe an 8 hr drive or so . . . I'd love to go there . . .

    But . . . just too far away . . . have to make do with these little piddly things we have in Ohio.

    May God bless,


    Member M14 Rifle Club Board of Directors

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    If you can read, . . . thank a teacher
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    Re: The Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms show

    Yup, I was there. 14B on the three end tables facing the front (south) door.

    I saw the M14 parts guys on the lower deck. No connecting rods or selectors, sadly. I've checked a few times over the years and they've never had them. I asked one year and the guy gave me the "You trying to go to prison, son?" evil eye.

    Member M14 Rifle Club Board Member

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