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Thread: Let it be so.

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    Re: Let it be so.

    We had wall lockers at Montford Point, NC and when I was on Okinawa. I never had to worry about wall locker inspections while on Okinawa as I never needed to even open the wall locker unless there was an inspection as I lived off base and wore whites all the time. Even wore them off base when I lived in Futenma ville.
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    Re: Let it be so.

    Ahh memories, sweet memories!

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    Re: Let it be so.

    Before an inspection, I took my perfectly starched and blocked cover on tossed it on my rack and hit the head. Came back....gone. My other covers were not so sharp, but I put one on. When I was reproached, I told the story, but my name was stamped inside the headband, per regs, it could be found. I was told they were not going to check everyone's cover and I got hit for "failure to secure gear".

    Only in the military can someone steal YOUR stuff and you get in trouble....lol

    Never found that cover.

    But I did have "inspection gear". Brand new ironed T-shirts, underwear and socks that I never wore, neatly folded, ready to place before an inspection.

    But I do not miss measuring the hangers in your wall locker to make sure they are 1" apart. Every now and then I catch myself to this day using two extended fingers to space the hangers...in my own damn closet.... Old habits and all that. But I still have all my shirts facing the same way, hangers all with the open end facing the back, little crap like that.

    If my wife hangs my clothes and the shirts are all willy-nilly, I go behind her and re-do. She asks if I'm OCD. I say, "Nope, but if SSGT Ashbolt knocks on our door, I'm in a world of hurt.". I laugh, she's lost. She says, "You know, by now your drill instructor is gone, that was a long time ago." I say, "Marines don't die, we just go to hell and regroup.". She turns and as she leaving the closet, she taps her head and says, "Brainwash....brainwash.".

    So I make her jump by letting out a loud OORAH !!
    The older I get, the more I realize "life in prison" is not that much of a deterrent.

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